Ways to Receive Signals

Ways to Receive Signals of Phase II Digital Terrestrial Television of RTHK

In general, TV households within the signal coverage area of the transmission stations mentioned above should be able to receive RTHK’s DTT broadcasting signals with the use of standalone full band antennas in reasonably good condition and DTT receivers (i.e. the set-top boxes or the integrated digital television). After performing the “auto searching” function, the DTT receiver will automatically tune to RTHK’s DTT channels and display the channel numbers.

Diagram: House

For households within the signal coverage area who are receiving television broadcasting signals through in-building communal aerial broadcast distribution (CABD) systems, the CABD system owners and managers of the buildings concerned have to install an appropriate DTT channel receiving equipment in the system before these households can receive the TV broadcasting signals from UHF TV Channel 62.

Diagram: Building

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