RTHK Vision, Mission and Values Statement RTHK Vision, Mission and Values Statement rthk
To be a leading public broadcaster in the new media environment.
To inform, educate and entertain our audiences through multi-media programming;
To provide timely, impartial coverage of local and global events and issues;
To deliver programming which contributes to the openness and cultural diversity of Hong Kong;
To provide a platform for free and unfettered expression of views;
To serve a broad spectrum of audiences and cater to the needs of minority   interest groups.

  Editorial Independence

Serving the Public


Quality Production

Development of Talent



Being publicly-funded and editorially independent means that we must:

- Guarantee the publicíŽs right of access to information by serving their right to know and being enterprising in perceiving, pursuing and presenting issues which affect the community and the individual.
- Ensure that news and information are not monopolised by any group, or treated as a commodity by being crafted to present only that which is more sensational, entertaining or least controversial.
- Ensure that news values and news judgments alone will be the deciding factors  factors when planning  programmes or covering news events.
- Maintain an editorial system which ensures fair and balanced programming, of the highest ethical standards, open and accountable to our audiences.
- Operate within the law, the codes of Practice of the Broadcasting Authority and our own Producers' Guidelines.


There are generally more than two sides to any issue and IMPARTIALITY in factual programmes cannot be achieved by a mathematical balance.  DUE IMPARTIALITY however does not require absolute neutrality on every issue of public concern or detachment from the fundamental principles of a just and open society.  We will be failing in our duty if, in the attempt to upset no one, to disturb no institution, we limit, in any way, the comprehensiveness, fairness, sensitivity and open examination of issues and events.  We must:

- Seek balance through the presentation of principal relevant viewpoints on matters of importance.  If not able to be achieved within a single programme or news bulletin, it will be achieved within a reasonable period.
- Recognise that in a broadcasting organization its credibility and that of its staff are inter-dependent.  All staff must ensure that they are seen to be accurate, impartial, objective, comprehensive and balanced according to recognised standards of professional journalism.


As we make programmes primarily for the people of Hong Kong, we must stay free from external influences and pressures and serve the broader community.  We must always consult our audiences through independent surveys and audience panels and be responsive to views gathered.  Staff are encouraged to be open and straightforward in their communication with the community and to act decently, fairly and honestly with those who participate in programmes.


We are committed to meeting the ever increasing expectations of our audience.  To meet demand for quality programming, we must sustain a culture of organisational and individual competitiveness yet strive to provide a working environment which stimulates and fosters continuous improvement in performance.  RTHK must always be open to experiment, to new programming formats and production techniques.  Our goal is to nurture original, dynamic and entertaining approaches to programme making always with audience satisfaction in mind.


We must always strive to ensure that our programmes and services are of the highest quality.  News should be comprehensive in range and depth, discussions and debates balanced, documentaries and specialist programmes of lasting value.  We aim to achieve these goals by allowing our staff freedom to utilize their journalistic and creative talents, whilst demanding from them the highest standards.  It is also vital to consult with and be sensitive to audiencesíŽ views and to have a rigorous complaints procedure in place.


RTHK encourages creativity and innovation through providing an ideal working environment and by offering programme-makers the opportunity to create fresh and pioneering radio, television and new media services.  We aim to recruit people of the highest calibre, develop their experience, and help them acquire new skills through continuous training. 


New Media broadly defines the fusion and inter-activity of radio and television services with Internet on-line programming through the convergence of broadcast, computer and telecom technologies.  This digital transformation is revolutionising how programmes are made, improving  productivity and quality, multiplying programmes and services and the means of delivery.  Local broadcasters have the opportunity to become global players and compete for international audiences through niche programming.

RTHK's vision, therefore, is to re-invent itself, harness the new media technology, extend and enhance audiencesíŽ choice.