Cellist suspended over train row


An award-winning Russian cellist has been suspended from the Beijing Symphony Orchestra after allegations he brawled with a woman passenger on a train. The musician was named by Xinhua News Agency as Oleg Vedernikov, a 45-year-old based in China. He was travelling on a high-speed train from Shenyang to Beijing on Monday night when he became embroiled in a row with a woman on board, Xinhua said.

Video footage of a man later identified as Mr Vedernikov putting his bare feet on the back of the chair in front of him has been viewed millions of times online, the report said. The woman objects to his feet touching her head, and when he ignores her request for him to stop it, she hits the man's feet with a magazine to get them off her seat.

According to Xinhua, he can be heard saying in Chinese: "It's comfortable! Do it again! You're giving me a massage!" The woman then resorts to throwing water bottles and is greeted with a volley of insults, and she in turn then tries to fight the man, but is held back by other passengers.

Mr Vedernikov, who later apologised for his behaviour, is awaiting further disciplinary measures from the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, the report said.

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