Bo Guagua defends his father


The son of fallen mainland politician Bo Xilai has defended his father as "upright in his beliefs and devoted to duty", in his first comments on a scandal that has shaken the Communist Party.

Bo Guagua posted a statement on his Tumblr account, after state media announced his father would "face justice" for a litany of alleged crimes including abuse of power, taking bribes and improper sexual relations. Bo Guagua, who graduated from Harvard University's Kennedy School this year, confirmed the contents of the statement in an email, the Wall Street Journal and other media reported.

"Personally, it is hard for me to believe the allegations that were announced against my father, because they contradict everything I have come to know about him throughout my life", the statement said. "Although the policies my father enacted are open to debate, the father I know is upright in his beliefs and devoted to duty," he said. "He has always taught me to be my own person and to have concern for causes greater than ourselves."

The younger Mr Bo, whose mother Gu Kailai was in August found guilty of the murder of a British businessman and given a death sentence commuted to life in prison, said he expected the legal process to "follow its normal course".

Bo Guagua has come under intense scrutiny since his father and mother became implicated in a murder and corruption saga which has become the biggest political scandal to hit China in decades.

His partying and allegedly extravagant lifestyle have triggered criticism in a country where the rich-poor divide is widening and anger over corruption and perceived impunity among leaders and their children is on the rise.

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