The New York Festival 2002 - Finalist
二零零二年紐約電影節 - 優異獎

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《情迷博物館》: 射

類 別 :文 化 議 題
監 製 ︰梁 蕙 儀
編 導 :張 永 添




Discovering Museums: Chinese Archery, the Lost Martial Art

Category: Cultural Issues

With the advancement in modern weapons, the significance of archery in the battlefield had been fading out and the technique of archery had difficulties in passing to the next generations. Stephen, a foreigner in Hong Kong, can speak fluent Cantonese and he has a great passion for Chinese archery. In order to enlighten more people in knowing about Chinese archery, Stephen has generously agreed to donate his collections on Chinese archery for an exhibition in the Museum of Coastal Defence. To facilitate visitors to know more about this long-forgotten artefact, the museum has invited a master from Beijing to make a brand new arc to be shown to the public of Hong Kong.


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