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The Common Sense-"Moving House"

1997 芝加哥國際電影電視節—金獎 (新聞紀錄片)
1997 Chicago International Film & Television Festival --Gold Plaque Award

 香港有不少獨居長者居住在公屋,在房屋署公屋整體重建計劃之下,慈雲山慈愛村居民陸續遷出,舊屋搬新屋,這裹兩個八十幾歲獨居的婆婆,由配樓揀新屋、裝修、執屋、到搬屋前夕,一個氣定神閒、一個滿懷心事,不難體會到晚年獨居的滋味。 希望透過節目,喚起社會人士對獨居長者的關注。

 About 30,000 elderly people live alone in Hong Kong's public housing estates. The programme producer visited two ladies, lived alone, both of them in their eighties as their homes came up for demolition. These aging residents have to face the prospect of leaving their familiar neighborhoods and adapting to new surroundings all over again whether they like it or not. "Caring for our elderlies", this is what the documentary aims at.

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