Siu Mei Kung Fu

Behind every kind of roast meat, there is a secret technique.
Behind every secret technique, there is a great master.
Behind every great master, there is a story about Hong Kong.
And behind every story about Hong Kong, there flows the unique and incomparable “Hong Kong spirit” that defines the city.

“Char Siu”or barbecued pork, “siu mei” or roast meats, and roast goose – these inimitable Hongkong-style roasts are known everywhere as the staples of any Chinatown restaurant, and contribute to Hong Kong’s worldwide fame just as much as kung fu.
But what connection is there between “siu mei” and kung fu? It seems that both are the result of long years of sweat and tears, resulting from a determination to attain perfection, and representing Hong Kong people’s indomitable spirit to struggle to be the best in their endeavor.

In the program “Siu Mei Kung Fu”, we invite the famous Hong Kong movie star, Eric Tsang to enter into the unfamiliar territory of a traditional roasting workshop.
Starting from the most basic roasting techniques, we will reveal the secrets and stories behind the delicious Hongkong-style roasts.

In the program, we will reference various hand-to-hand fighting techniques from Chinese kung fu, as well as sword, saber and other weapon styles, as analogies for the culinary “kung fu” that underlies roast meats. Only those time-honored techniques which have been tested in furnace fires, balancing yin and yang and involving god-like blade skills, are worthy to be considered “siu mei kung fu”!

For the first time ever, we will reveal to audiences various jealously-guarded secret techniques in the four classic types of roasting: barbecued pork, roast goose, roast pork, and roast suckling pig.

We will visit the oldest “underground oven” workshop still in existence in Hong Kong – Wing Hing Yee Kee which is over 100 years old, situated in Tuen Mun in the New Territories, to witness the most primitive and authentic pig-roasting process. Another old establishment situated in the Central district, Yung Kee built its business on its renowned roast goose. For 60 years, each roast goose made every day has strictly adhered to the same exacting requirements. Every ingredient, and every little detail and technique, must measure up to the highest standard. Eighty-year-old So Hing, the proprietor of Golden China Restaurant brought his authentic roast meat kung fu down from Guangzhou to Hong Kong more than 40 years ago to find his fortune, and of all the roast meats to be found in the city today, Grandmaster So’s “char siu” is acknowledged as the pinnacle of the craft. Red Seasons Restaurant is home to an unforgettable grandmaster of suckling pig-roasting – Master Yuen. Because roast suckling pig is best eaten when the crackling is still warm, once the pig has finished roasting, the entire process of cutting it up and delivering it to diner’s table must not exceed 25 minutes. The harsh environment in old-style roasting workshops simply involves too much hardship to attract the younger generation. The craft of roasting is in dire need of a revolution. Chan Wing-on, the founder of Tai Hing , may just be the man to bring such a game-changing revolution to Hong Kong’s roast meat industry.

What kind of kung fu is involved behind the closed doors of Hongkong-style “Siu Mei”?
“Roast Meat Kung Fu” will be gourmet’s delight of a journey in search of the true spirit of Hong Kong.

Host: Eric Tsang
Air Date:
at Dec10 7:30pm-8:30pm
TVB Jade
Air Date: Sun Dec 11 9:00pm-10:00pm