Cancer and the City
In 2011, cancer is the world’s most lethal disease, causing more deaths than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Cancer is a very real threat for all of us. The latest statistics of 2009 show that 1 in 5 people in Hong Kong are likely to have accumulative risk of developing cancer during life time. Female of age 20 to 44 has higher risk in having cancer than male.

CANCER & THE CITY (C&TC) focuses on the moving story of Rae Leung, a 35-year-old Chinese Australian who works and lives in Hong Kong, and who suffers from an as-yet incurable type of cancer. Rae was diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of 31, but her optimistic and irreverent attitude in the face of adversity is inspirational to her friends and fellow patients alike. With a typical life expectancy of only a few months, Rae fights to win her battle.

C&TC follows Rae’s progress through her current sessions of chemotherapy and her subsequent quest for an answer as to why she developed cancer, and whether she can, against all odds, discover a cure through alternative therapies. As she celebrates triumphs and suffers setbacks, pain and disappointment, she begins to develop a new outlook on life and shares changes in her experience of the world, and how important it is to seize each day and live it to its fullest.

Along the way, she meets other young adults suffering from the disease. Glimpses into their unique lives are proof that cancer does not discriminate, but at the heart of the all their stories is courage and spirit. With the help of renowned medical, holistic and traditional Chinese medicine doctors, Rae explores the potential causes for the rise in cancer rates in Hong Kong and investigates why people are getting cancer at a younger age.

C&TC journeys across the world from Asia to the United States and back again, consulting experts in oncology as well as specialists of a variety of treatments aimed at physical, mental and emotional wellbeing to gain an understanding of this powerful and prolific disease. It investigates how we got to this point, how to deal with our current situation and the essential preventative steps that must be taken to stop the current trend before things get even worse.

C&TC also examines the threats to our health that living in Hong Kong can present on a daily basis, such as the prevalence of environmental pollution, domestic pollution in the form of hidden household toxins or common toiletries, poor nutrition and diet, as well as the high levels of stress that characterize modern life. Lifestyle is a significant factor in the development of many cancer cases, and the amount of strain and toxins we subject our bodies to can highly contribute to the likelihood of developing cancer.

In the pressing search for a cure, Rae explores the pros and cons of alternative approaches to curing cancer such as bioresonance therapy, reiki and nutritional therapies. As the physical strain on the disease takes its toll, Rae also begins to experiment with methods of self healing to cope with the mental stress of her ordeal.

C&TC speaks to Rae’s support system – a close network of family and friends – who candidly divulges their thoughts, hopes and fears. Sometimes at odds with those around her on how to treat her cancer, Rae must choose how to best move forward with her fight.

A soul-searching and provocative story, C&TC is a call to all audiences to lead healthier and more fulfilled lives.

Cantonese Narrator: Sandy Lam
Air Date:
Sat   Dec 31   7:30pm-8:30pm
TVB Jade
Air Date:
Sun   Jan 1    9:00pm-10:00pm
Producer/Executive Producer: Sean Lee Davies (Outsourcing)
Executive Producer: Mok Choy Lin (NGC)
Liane Cheng (RTHK)