About Music Beyond Borders@10

StaceyRTHK Radio 4's Music Beyond Borders series began on the 20th Nov 2003 with a piano recital in Studio One that was dedicated to things Iberian. The idea was suggested over a lunch at the China Tee Club with a good friend who was able to get help in funding the event from the Consulate General of Spain. The evening was a success that allowed me to turn a single concert into an entire project of bringing unexplored and relatively unknown music and artists from abroad, predominantly world and jazz artists, to Hong Kong - although the very first concert did feature HKPO pianist Shirley Ip :) I then approached many other Consulates and cultural institutions to take part in these rewarding partnerships - Spain (x2), Finland (x2), Mexico, Germany (x2), Austria, Sweden (x2), Great Britain, Italy (x2), The Netherlands (x2), Poland, New Zealand, India, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa and a Latin American collaboration - resulting in appearances by Mara Carlyle (UK) who’s voice and music were featured in the very popular 100 cats IKEA advert; WOMAD artists Te Vaka (NZ) and the Raghu Dixit Project (India); digeridoo master Mark Atkins (Australia); jazz from the Espoo Big Band(Finland) and the man with the red trombone Nils Landgren (Sweden) along with so many others . . . The aim has always been to encourage cultural exchange and to make everyone aware of the wealth of excellent music that's out there, beyond our borders. Thanks to its ever-growing fan base, Music Beyond Borders has succeeded in its endeavours.

Music Beyond Borders has developed considerably since its inception in 2003. It began with a small number of programmes created to compliment a live broadcast of a Studio One performance by a featured artist and has grown to include hours of programming with exclusive interviews with arts representatives and artists, plus the Studio One concert preceded by a reception for all ticket holders.

In 2011, to give Music Beyond Borders a new edge and to generate new interest in the project, I was able to visit the featured country (this time South Africa) as a ‘cultural tourist’ and photographed, videoed and blogged my experiences. I was also able to film interviews for the first time which enabled us to include extensive video footage on the Music Beyond Borders website.

The Music Beyond Borders @ 10 anniversary concerts are coming soon with a big change in venue - outdoors at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza C (as part of the New Vision Arts Festival 2012).  The concerts will take place on Sat 03 Nov and Sun 04 Nov (2.30 – 6.00 pm). Two past Music Beyond Borders artists return: Award winning Dutch saxophonist Yuri Honing, this time with his ‘Wired Paradise’ and, Austria’s ‘Georg Gratzer and Beefolk’, who gained quite a following on their last visit here. To mark the start of another 10 years of Music Beyond Borders to come will be the Claude Diallo Situation from Switzerland taking part in the project for the first time.

Music Beyond Borders – there are no limits to where we can take you.

TST is within easy reach but the music will take you on quite a journey. We hope you can come along.

Thank you for your continued interest and enthusiasm.

Project Coordinator,
Stacey Rodda