The Music Beyond Borders 10th Anniversary Concerts: Flashback
By Stacey Rodda

  • Stacey Rodda and Raymond Chung on stage 主持人盧迪思及鍾子豪
  • Deputy Director of Broadcasting (Programmes) TAI Keen-man and the Austrian Consul General Mr. Gerhart Maynhardt 香港電台副廣播處長(節目) 戴健文及奧地利駐港總領事邁赫特
  • Raymond Chung with the audience主持人鍾子豪與現場觀眾
  • Stacey Rodda and Raymond Chung主持人盧迪思及鍾子豪
  • Stacey Rodda and the Deputy Consul General of Switzerland, Mr. Erwin Luthi 主持人盧迪思及瑞士駐港總領事雷菲

Attended by thousands, over two days, in the sunshine, by Victoria Harbour, these outdoor music marathons were held on the 03 & 04 Nov at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza C as part of the New Vision Arts Festival. Three groups took to the stage on both days, each playing around a 50 minute set. The concerts featured returning 'Music Beyond Borders' artists from 2004, Georg Gratzer & Beefólk from Austria. Newcomers, the Claude Diallo Situation from Switzerland, took part in the project for the first time. There was also a change of artist as the award-winning Dutch saxophonist Yuri Honing could not come to Hong Kong due to ill health. The rest of his group Wired Paradise arrived on the scene to play as Jam de la Crème. World music, jazz and rock - 'Music Beyond Borders' became more diverse then ever before.

  • Georg Gratzer (FM)
  • Klemens Bittmann (FM)
  • Christian Bakanic (FM)
  • Christian Wendt (FM)
  • Jorg Haberl (FM)

Georg Gratzer and Beefolk took to the stage first with Cinematic Microscenes described as "Zappa-folk", "chamber-music jazz" and "modern Austrian world music" – it was eclectic music at its best. Georg Gratzer (Beefolk's founder and woodwinds player) extended his range of instruments to include the dizi, which he played in the concerts to appreciative audiences. The saxophonist and flautist was joined by other talented multi-instrumentalists to create Beefolk's unique sound: Klemens Bittmann (violin, mandola and vocals), Christian Bakanic (accordion, keyboards, percussion and vocals), Christian Wendt (acoustic bass and electric bass) and Jörg Haberl (drums and vocals).

  • Claude Diallo (FM)
  • Laurent Salzard (FM)
  • Laurent Robin (FM)
  • Claude Diallo Situation
  • Claude Diallo (EL)

Montreux Jazz festival veterans took center stage next - the Claude Diallo Situation led by keyboardist Claude Diallo. For this concert drummer Massimo Buonanno was replaced by Laurent Robin. Laurent Salzard played electric bass. Claude Diallo played his own compositions with moving tempos and melodic themes that evoked amazement and delight - upbeat music that produced some really good vibes. There were also some beautiful smooth jazz sounds and some high-energy moments played by a composed trio who showed a lot of creativity. Playing music inspired by his travels, Claude Diallo said that, "as in my eyes, Asia is where the future of jazz lays." When he finished the second concert, he was off to Taiwan to play more gigs. The Situation was joined by Hendrik Meurkins for a celebrated Chinese piece.

  • Mark Haanstra
  • Joost Lijbaart (FM)
  • Stef van Es
  • Stef van Es and Mark Haanstra (Jam de la creme) (FM)
  • Jam de la creme (TV)

Yuri Honing's Wired Paradise came without Honing, who, if were there, would have led the band in one direction. It went off in another, but in keeping with the description of being a true festival band, primarily because of its explosiveness. Going under the name of Jam de la Crème, the trio of Stef van Es, electric guitar (jazz and rock) with electronics; Mark Haanstra, bass guitar; and Joost Lijbaart, drums - played a spectacular mix of prolific rock, hypnotising electronics and road movie tunes. The group played "avant-garde jazz" and "trance", but style didn't matter much to these three. It was all about communicating modern times through music with the mantra "to keep an open mind". Their performance was intoxicating as they rocked till dusk with an amazing sky across Victoria Harbour complete with altocumulus cloud cover that captured the mood perfectly.

  • Encore (FM)
  • encore big screen (EL)

The concert on 03 Nov was filmed for television and after the large crew and vans and equipment had moved out, the Jackson Browne song 'The Load Out/Stay' came to mind. Even more so on day two watching the stage, huge LED screen and backdrop being dismantled. Here are the memories…

Thank you to all who made this event a great experience – you know who you are ☺!!

The Music Beyond Borders 10th anniversary concerts are happening this weekend, outdoors at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza C (as part of the New Vision Arts Festival 2012). The concerts will take place on Sat 03 Nov and Sun 04 Nov (2.30 – 6.00 pm). Admission is free.

Austria's 'Georg Gratzer and Beefolk' with European chamber music fused with Asian inspired sounds will be on stage first (about 2.30 pm).

Then to mark the start of another 10 years of Music Beyond Borders to come will be the Claude Diallo Situation from Switzerland - a jazz trio taking part in the project for the first time (about 3.45 pm).

And finally the members of Dutch saxophonist Yuri Honing's 'Wired Paradise'. It is with great regret that we have to announce that Yuri Honing himself will not be coming to HK due to illness. This electric group will still be playing Honing's music - a mixture of jazz, rock and quasi-psychadelia(about 5.00 pm).

We hope you can come along and stay for just a set, or for the entire duration.

「無限領域」十周年音樂會於11月3日及4日(星期六及日)下午2時30分至6時,在香港文化中心露天廣場C區 舉行兩場大型戶外免費演出。音樂會屬於「新視野藝術節2012」 節目之一。


瑞士的「迪亞羅情勢樂隊」,以三重奏的形式首次於「無限領域」亮相。這亦 象徵「無限領域」已踏入第二個十年。

在「漢寧三重奏」中吹奏薩克管,來自荷蘭的漢寧因抱恙而未能出席今次音樂 會;然 而樂 隊其他成員將繼續演奏漢寧那充滿爵士、搖滾及迷幻曲風的音樂。


「無限領域」—音 樂最大、跨越無限。


Their musical style is brimmed with lively playfulness and virtuosity. European chamber music is fused with Asian inspired sounds to create a cinematic atmosphere. The result  - five musical scenes that form a modern world music symphony - scenes that are the main characters themselves, living through continuous sound-worlds and groove-fields.

他們的音樂風格結合了生動的玩味與炫技,將歐洲的室樂融入來自亞洲的聲音,創造出別具電影感的氛圍。五個音樂場景組成了一首反映現代的交響曲 – 各個場景就是主角,活在連綿不絕的聲響世界中。

Georg Gratzer (woodwinds) 格拉澤(木管)
Klemens Bittmann (violin, mandola, vocals) 比特曼(小提琴、曼陀林、人聲)
Christian Bakanic (accordion, keyboards, percussion, vocals)
Christian Wendt (acoustic bass, electric bass) 溫特(低音大提琴、低音電結他)
Jörg Haberl (drums, vocals) 哈貝路(鼓、人聲)

The Netherlands

The Edison prize winning Dutch saxophonist is coming to Hong Kong with music inspired by Indian novelist Aravinda Adiga's wonderful novel The White Tiger, which won the coveted Booker Prize. What Adiga's book and Honing's music have in common is the sound of surprise in the narrative, and a compelling vibrancy.  Yuri Honing's Wired Paradise defies categorization with its mixture of jazz, rock and quasi - psychadelia. The group is a real festival band, primarily because of their explosiveness. To Honing, “Jazz is not a style, but a language.”


Yuri Honing: tenor saxophone 漢寧(次中音薩克管)
Mark Haanstra: bass guitar 漢斯特拉(低音結他)
Joost Lijbaart: drums 列巴特 (鼓)
Stef van Es: electric guitar 范艾斯 (電結他)


Be prepared for some modern, beautiful and creative original compositions played by a trio that enjoys every second of their performance at high energy. This band really stretches out, playing with its greatest fluidity and opulence. Voted best band in 2011 in the «Kind of Jazz» series at the legendary Kaufleuten in Zurich, these Montreux Jazz Festival veterans will premiere new Asian influenced compositions as the Festival brings them back to Hong Kong.

被蘇黎世名勝「卡福登酒吧」選為2011年《爵士種種》最佳樂隊的「迪亞羅情勢樂隊」,在每場演出中都施展渾身解數,全情投入。他們對東亞文化極感興趣,在訪港演出中將以最新的作品跟香港樂迷同歡。想欣賞到迪亞羅(鍵盤) 、薩札(電子低音結他) 和羅賓(鼓) 充滿現代感、美妙又富原創性的音樂,聽眾要格外留神了!

Claude Diallo (keyboards) 迪亞羅(鍵盤)
Laurent Salzard (electric bass) 薩札(電子低音結他)
Laurent Robin (drums) 羅賓(鼓)