Timeline 十年回望

Taking you through 10 years of brilliant musicians crossing more than just physical boundaries . . .

Nov 2003: Radio 4's 'Music Beyond Borders' series began on the 20th November 2003 with a piano recital by Shirley Ip that was dedicated to things Iberian. She unearthed some little known pieces and freed some of the better-known ones from the shackles of standardization.
Dec 2003: Classic Finnish tango songs made popular by Olavi Virta received a virtuosic revamping by Jukka Perko and Hurmio-Orkesteri.
Sep 2004:      The folkloric "Norteno" group Los Diamantes opened the Mexican concert with their high energy music but before the show the audience was invited to sample corn tortillas (prepared during a cooking demonstration) and watch traditional dance performances by the Ballet Xochiquetzal.
Oct 2004: Pianist and composer Florian Ross with his trio presented their distinctive sound with a selection of music from the highly acclaimed CD 'Blinds and Shades'.
Oct 2004: Beefolk, a young Austrian band and a favourite in Graz, Vienna and throughout Europe, played music inspired by the folk music of Iceland, the Balkans and Argentina. So good-looking were the members that girls lined up to get their autographs and have photos taken with them.
Dec 2004 Nils Landgren (with his unique red trombone) continues to spread Swedish jazz music around the globe and came to Hong Kong with his Funk Unit to play his take on ABBA classics.
Sep 2005: Mara Carlyle demonstrated her saw playing skills and swooping vocal range along with strumming her ukulele. She performed the local smash hit “Under the Lion Rock” in Cantonese. Then came a surprise appearance by DUEL (violinists Greg Scott and Craig Owen) with just minutes to go, who had just come from another gig nearby.
Oct 2005: Accommodating one of the largest turnouts for a ‘Music Beyond Borders' event, the Ars Nova Guitar Quartet played to a packed Studio One audience. The members - all graduates of the Santa Cecilia Conservatory – played Boccherini, Zawinul and Brouwer.
Nov 2005: Palo Santo played some Cumbia, the best known form of music and dance from Colombia. Its roots are basically African with a lot of Spanish and Indian influence. Members of the audience danced wherever they could find room.
Sep 2006: Dutch saxophonist Yuri Honing, who has always been on the cutting edge of the Dutch music scene, played with his trio music from Baghdad to Brazil.
Nov 2006: Polish jazz pianist Sławek Jaskułke - inventive, daring, fascinating – played some of his original compositions including a piece inspired by works of Zbigniew Namysłowski (one of Poland’s great jazz saxophonists).
Nov 2006: Finland’s Espoo Big Band only plays music exclusively composed for it making each and every EBB concert a unique experience. It was.
Dec 2006: Gosskören, an all male choir, performed for the first time with members of the opposite sex. There was even a bit of ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ although everyone was getting along
Oct 2007: German chanteuse Eva Meier’s interpretations of Weill and Eisler songs were in line with performances by Ute Lemper and Marlene Dietrich (to whom she has been favorably compared many times).
Dec 2007: Aurelio Gabaldon may have performed a repertoire made up entirely of Zarzuela for his recital, but he is one of the few tenors who can sing the famous 'La fille du regiment' scene by Donizetti with 9 high Cs!
Sep 2008: It was a night of firsts with the Raghu Dixit Project from India.  Besides being the start of the Project’s first international tour outside India, the members of the band had a new wardrobe and very colourful it was too!
Oct 2008: Kolsimcha’s specialty is fusing klezmer with modern jazz and some elements of classical chamber music. The Hebrew name translates into ‘voice of joy’. Kolsimcha’s joy was infectious.
Dec 2008: The award winning world music group Te Vaka is based in New Zealand, but its sounds come from all over Polynesia. Dance also features as a prominent part of their show and the costumes certainly drew quite a bit of attention.
Jun 2009: From Trieste, the Fulvio Albano Trio played to a full-house and took us into the dusk hours and beyond with John Green’s ‘Body and Soul’ and Thelonius Monk’s ‘Blue Monk’.
Sep 2010: Dutch trumpetress Saskia Laroo took her noted uncontrived romps into ‘nu jazz’ with a vivacious blend of hip-hop, jazz, salsa, funk, reggae and world, and was accompanied on piano by Warren Byrd.
Oct 2010: Mark Atkins, whose background is as diverse as the music he creates - Irish-Australian and Yamijiti - has found his calling in bringing Aboriginal stories and didjeridoo performance to audiences worldwide.
Mar 2011:

Saw my enriching travelogue of South Africa as my cultural safari continued - from the latest production by Opera Africa at the Pretoria State Theatre to the South African Ballet Theatre’s outreach programme for the young in Alexandra township, plus a Studio One appearance from a multi-talented group including noted percussionist Tlale Makhene.


Music Beyond Borders continues . . .

從北歐到南非,由新西蘭到墨西哥,第四台的「無限領域」為大家打開更廣闊的音樂版圖,例如芬蘭探戈舞曲、墨西哥民族舞曲 (還讓現場觀眾品嚐即製的墨西哥玉米餅!) 、德國、荷蘭、波蘭、冰島、巴爾幹半島、阿根庭和瑞典的爵士樂、意大利的結他爵士樂,哥倫比亞舞曲、印度音樂、新西蘭、澳洲土著的迪吉里杜管樂、以至南非音樂,讓耳朵周遊列國,現場觀眾更是目不暇給。