Where are they now
Where are they now?

It may seem like ages to some, just yesterday to others, but hopefully every one of them remembers their ‘Music Beyond Borders’ concert ☺

We have endeavored to track down all of the past artists that have participated in the project and with some we have been lucky, with others  - not. Lots can happen in a decade.

An update on those we were able to reach will appear on this website starting with 6 artists with more forthcoming. Some have been interviewed, and will be featured in the final hour of ‘Sunday Morning on 4’ (9 -10 am) throughout Oct and Nov.

Some artists have even offered their music as a free download for you. Feel free to grab as many tracks as you like. You can even compile your own album. We hope you get a lot of pleasure from listening to them again and again.



十年當中可以發生很多事情。我們為你追蹤多位曾出現於「無限領域」的演出者,看看他們的近況如何。10至11月,你更可以在「週日早晨」節目中,9 –10時間,聽到他們的專訪。