Music Beyond Border

RTHK Radio 4 continued its European musical journey with another "Music Beyond Borders" concert in partnership with the Consulate General of Austria in Hong Kong on October 16, 2004. The Austrian folk-jazz chamber ensemble Beefolk made its Hong Kong debut in Studio 3 of Television House with an electrifying performance making an impression to last.

Six virtuosi make up the group: accordionist Christian Bakanic, saxophonist Georg Gratzer, violinist Klemens Bittmann, bassist Christian Wendt, drummer Jorg Haberl and singer/ trombonist Helgi Jonsson (from Iceland). This young Austrian band (a favourite in Graz, Vienna and throughout Europe) has developed a sound which borrows from many inspirational sources like the folk music of Iceland, the Balkan and Argentina.

The group played unique arrangements of the music of Astor Piazolla and John McLaughlin, plus new material from the recently released CD 'Place Dramatique' containing original material written by members of the band. Beefolk's performance, which was filled with tight arrangements, loads of energy and a fresh spirit, brought the audience to its feet.

Before the concert, guests and the audience also got a taste of Mozart's favourite dessert - sacher torte - at a tea party to fully indulge in the Austrian spirit.

Guests included the Consul General of Austria, Dr. Brigitta Blaha; the Consul General of Finland, Mr. Pauli Makela and his son; the Consul for Commercial Affairs for Poland, Mr. Andrzej Pieczonka and his daughter, the Artistic Director of the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, Ms. Leanne Nicholls and her husband.



比福克(BEEFOLK)這隊年青民族音樂及爵士樂組合由六位年青奧地利爵士樂手組成,成員包括色士風手Georg Gratzer、小提琴手Klemens Bittmann、手風琴手Christian Bakanic、低音提琴手Christian Wendt、鼓手Jorg Haberl和主音及長號手Helgi Jonsson。他們的音樂靈感取自奧地利傳統音樂和世界各地五花百門的音樂素材,包括冰島、巴爾幹和阿根廷等地的民謠。他們演出動力澎湃,絕不遜於流行搖滾音樂,音樂取材及演奏亦盡顯幾位成員源源不絕的靈感及隨心所欲的演出技巧。嘉賓及聽眾除可觀賞樂隊精彩的演出外,更可於音樂會前參與一個充滿奧地利特色的下午茶聚派對,品嚐莫扎特的至愛地道甜品Sacher Torte﹐為整個活動畫上完美的句號。

Beefolk 是一隊年青的奧地利爵士樂團。他們的音樂靈感,除了來自奧地利傳統音樂之外,還有冰島,巴爾幹和阿根廷的民謠。



Happy Birthday Mozart 莫扎特 - 生日快樂

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the most renowned Austrian of all time, revered throughout the world. 2006 marks the 250th anniversary of his birthday.

As famous as a pop star during his own lifetime, Mozart is justly regarded as the epitome of a musical genius. His music belongs, not to one country, but to the world.

The big 250th birthday bash extends from Salzburg (the town where he was born) through to Vienna (where he spent the last ten years of his life) and at many other Mozart milestones throughout Austria.




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From the CD 'Orka'

Traditional: 'Ships are sailing' listen 收聽

John McLaughlin: 'Dawn' listen 收聽
麥拉連﹕ 早晨

Astor Piazzolla: 'Escualo' listen 收聽

Traditional: 'Joy' listen 收聽



listen 收聽For the last two weeks of October 2004 the 'Monday Concert' also celebrated Austrian music. Hear those concerts.