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They may be from a cool country but saxophonist Jukka Perko and the members of Hurmio Orkesteri warmed up Studio One on the 15th of December 2003 with their smooth jazz sound. They played tracks from their CD 'The Music of Olavi Virta' and this is what it was all about . . .

Olavi Virta is a true legend in Finnish musical history and some of the classic Finnish tango songs made popular by the vocalist received a virtuosic revamping by Jukka Perko and Hurmio-Orkesteri. Virta has been one of Jukka Perko's greatest influences since childhood. He wanted to honor Virta's music by arranging some of it for a jazz group. 'The Music of Olavi Virta' is a magnificent example of Jukka Perko's exceptional ability to create interesting and original arrangements of familiar tunes, opening new musical dimensions within the pieces, while preserving a strong respect for the Finnish tango tradition.

The recording achieved great critical acclaim in Finland. It was awarded the Emma statue in 2000 for the best jazz recording. In addition to topping the polls in both alto and soprano saxophone categories, Jukka Perko was voted musician of the year in the critic's poll of the Finnish jazz publication, "Jazzrytmit". 'The Music of Olavi Virta' was voted album of the year, Teppo Makynen drummer of the year, and Manuel Dunkel tenor saxophonist of the year.

The band ended the night with arrangements of some Christmas songs to get us into the holiday spirit, one by the most famous Finnish composer of all time, Sibelius – the other, an international favourite by Irving Berlin, 'White Christmas'.

冰天雪地的國度,溶不了他們對音樂的熱情。來自聖誕老人家鄉(芬蘭)的色士風手柏高(Jukka Perko)跟他的好拍擋「奧卻士達利」樂團(Hurmio Orkesteri)在2003年12月15日晚上,就為第四台的聽眾帶來一個溫暖而難忘的音樂會。

在節目中,他們四人合作演出了芬蘭音樂創作人維達(Olavi Virta)以及其他充滿雪國特色的樂曲。維達是芬蘭音樂史上的傳奇人物,他部份著名探戈歌曲由柏高和其樂隊帶來了全新的演繹。柏高自小已深受維達的影響,為向維達的音樂致敬,他以爵士樂手法改編了維達的調子,大大拓展了其音樂的領域,同時保留芬蘭探戈的深厚傳統。



現年35歲的柏高早年畢業於西貝流士音樂學院爵士樂學院。他在1986年的Pori爵士樂節中一鳴驚人。一年之後,他與小號手Dizzy Gillspie的樂隊到歐美各地演出。1989年,柏高加入了新音樂樂團,該團為芬蘭唯一的職業大樂隊。五年後,他離團發展作曲及獨奏事業,更經常與多位爵士名家合作演出。在這場音樂會中,他就聯同「奧卻士達利」樂團演出充滿芬蘭風格的精彩節目。

35-year old saxophonist Jukka Perko experienced his breakthrough at the Pori Jazz festival in 1986, accompanied by critical acclaim. A year later he was touring Europe and America as a member of trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie's Big Band. In addition to playing gigs, Jukka studied at the Sibelius Academy's jazz department. In 1989, Perko joined UMO (The New Music Orchestra) the only professional big band in Finland, and stayed in the band for five years. Jukka left the group to devote his attention to composing, various projects, and most prominently, his career as a soloist. Besides touring with Dizzy Gillespie, Perko has also played with such musicians as bassist Niels-Henning Orsted-Pedersen, big band trumpeter Red Rodney and pianist McCoy Tyner.

現年35歲的柏高早年畢業於西貝流士音樂學院爵士樂學院。他在1986年的Pori爵士樂節中一鳴驚人。一年之後,他與小號手Dizzy Gillspie的樂隊到歐美各地演出。1989年,柏高加入了新音樂樂團,該團為芬蘭唯一的職業大樂隊。五年後,他離團發展作曲及獨奏事業,更經常與多位爵士名家合作演出。

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