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Jazz Fusion with Saskia Laroo and Warren Byrd

Dutch trumpetress Saskia Laroo took her noted uncontrived romps into ‘nu jazz’ with a vivacious blend of hip-hop, jazz, salsa, funk, reggae and world in Studio One on 23/09. There were moments of ‘free jazz’, her trumpet echoing around the venue; there was her tribute to John Coltrane; and she had the enthusiastic audience do its part by way of the vocals for the Chinese classic ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’ and her own ‘Jazz Party’. That it was !

Saskia Laroo was accompanied on piano by Warren Byrd who has a long list of international credits, tours, and celebrated work to his name. He’s a vocalist with amazing power and showed it on more than a few occasions, including the classic ‘Route 66’.

The two certainly have a chemistry that works.

來自阿姆斯特丹的女小號演奏家拿露和集鋼琴家和爵士歌手於一身的拜爾特於9月23日(星期四),為「無限領域」演出一場精彩音樂會。當日,香港電台一號錄播室高朋滿座。適逢中秋節,拿露收到應節禮物 — 一盒月餅;她也入鄉隨俗,加唱《月亮代表我的心》。

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The event was a co-presentation of:
rthk radio4 Kingdom of the Netherlands

Saskia Laroo & Warren ByrdSaskia Laroo & Warren ByrdSaskia Laroo & Warren Byrd

Saskia Laroo of the Netherlands has been hailed by the public and press as the “Lady Miles of Europe", and is one of the world's few women trumpet players. But Saskia's career did not have a smooth beginning …

It was difficult for her to get her foot in the door. “A problem with getting gigs was that nobody wanted to play with somebody as unknown as me,” and she was told “You can't play a whole concert, you will get tired halfway because you aren't strong enough.” So, for a short time, she chose bass over trumpet as there were more requests for bass players for many gigs.  “After starting to gig on bass, they put more faith in me and even began to accept me as a trumpeter as well.”

By 1979 Saskia became a full-fledged professional and it was during this period that she had the privilege of frequently being called for work by Dutch tenor saxophonist Hans Dulfer. While in the formative years of her career, she'd also garnered much experience absorbing world music, namely of Hispanic, Caribbean, Brazilian and African roots. Building on these influences, Saskia continued to expand her horizons. She has performed with George Coleman, Wynton Marsalis, Toots Thielemans, George Benson, Courtney Pine and Hugh Masekela among many, many others. Having travelled the world, she is going to take us on a journey through the music she has absorbed and playing with her heart and her soul.

She'll be joined by American pianist/composer/vocalist Warren Byrd. Through the listening, absorbing, practicing, and synthesizing of legacies of not only jazz, but also classical, folk, and popular music past and present, he formulated his approach to improvisation and composition.

In the last, twenty years, he has lent his musicianship to many groups and performers in jazz, R&B, world, Latin, pop, etc., as well as dance and theatre. A short list of performers would include Archie Shepp, Eddie Henderson, Alvin Carter, Nita Zarif, and many more. The last several years have included many international tours, an album release with Saskia Laroo and considerable press exposure with David Chevan and the Afro-Semitic Experience, an ensemble dedicated to preserving, promoting and expanding the rich cultural and musical heritage of the Jewish and African diaspora.


Saskia Laroo
Warren Byrd

重遊荷蘭 ﹣拿露及拜爾特

來自阿姆斯特丹的拿露為當今世上最出色的女小號演奏家之一。拿露畢業於希爾弗瑟姆音樂學院,高超的技巧讓她涉足多種音樂風格;由拉丁風格、爵士樂及流行樂隊,以至與傳奇的 Hans Dulfer 及 Teddy Edwards 合作。 1994 年, 拿露在旗下的唱片公司出版自己首張個人專輯「就像爵士樂」,自此亦推出了六張由古典爵士樂到的「酸爵士」的專輯。拿露與她的樂團更曾於世界各地演出,橫跨六大洲二十多個國家。

集鋼琴家和歌唱家於一身的拜爾特,生於美國康州赫特佛城。這位國際級音樂家自四歲參加靈歌合唱團,後來獲獎學金到赫特音樂學院主修聲樂,同時習爵士鋼琴及作曲。多年來,拜爾特以自由人身份與多位爵士名家合作,計有 Archie Shepp、Eddie Henderson,並為舞台作品譜曲。1999年,他更擠身於孟克國際爵士鋼琴大賽前二十五名,並隨即推出個人專輯「真理兩立」。他亦與David Chevan 組成了推動共融與靈性的樂團「非閃經驗」(Afro-Semitic Experience)。

2001年,拿露及拜爾特於美國首度同台演出,自此二人合作無間,並一同作巡迴表演。他們的音樂會由 香港電台第四台及荷蘭香港總領事館合辦, 於 9月23日(星期四,公共假期)下午4時,在廣播道香港電台廣播大廈 一號錄播室舉行。

Saskia LarooWarren Byrd
Live on 4, Tuesdays, 8 pm
The Utrecht Early Music Festival

The music festival is held each year in August-September.
Frans Brüggen

Once the world's most famous recorder player, today Dutch conductor Frans Brüggen is considered among the foremost experts in the performance of eighteenth century music. The musicians who make up his Orchestra of the 18th Century play on period instruments or on contemporary copies. It is their intention to try to achieve the most authentic as possible performances of the masterpieces of the late baroque and classical eras. The orchestra's repertoire includes works by Purcell, Bach, Rameau, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Mendelssohn. This concert was recorded at Utrecht in 2009 and is an all-Mendelssohn programme.

ErikBosgraaf and Francesco Corti
photo credit Marco Borggreve

Hailed as one of the most gifted and versatile recorder players of the new generation, Erik Bosgraaf (born in the Netherlands) has a colourful past in a rock band and as an oboe player. In 2006 he co-founded the Ensemble Cordevento specializing in the music of the 17th and 18th centuries. In 2007 Frans Brüggen invited him to perform Bach's Actus Tragicus at the Concertgebouw. His début recording with music by Dutch composer Jacob van Eyck, was number one in the Dutch classical music charts in 2007.

Erik Bosgraaf teams up with Francesco Corti (born in Arezzo, Italy), who studied at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with Bob van Asperen. He joined Les Musicien du Louvre-Grenoble in 2007 where he plays continuo and solo harpsichord and organ. He also plays with other famous early music groups such as Le Concert des Nations, La Scintilla and the Ensemble Zefiro.

For this concert from the 2009 festival they play a selection of Handel sonatas including

HWV 358, 365, 362, 377, 369.

Xavier Vandamme, programming director at Oude Muziek Utrecht (Utrecht Early Music Festival) has created a rich program for the 2010 edition with the theme of French Baroque music featuring both instrumental and vocal genres, and sacred and profane music that inspires grandeur and contemplation.

Capriccio Stravagante

Hear the opening concert from this year's festival with Capriccio Stravagante - Les 24 Violons directed by Skip Sempé . The ‘24 Violons' of Versailles was considered to be the most celebrated Orchestre in seventeenth century Europe, rivaling all the large, opulent orchestras of Venice, Vienna, London, Naples, Rome, Madrid, and Dresden. Founded in celebration of the 25th anniversary season of Capriccio Stravagante and equipped with the exotic and numerous French-style violas from the collection of the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles, the new orchestra Capriccio Stravagante - Les 24 Violons makes its Utrecht debut. This concert will offer music by Lully, Muffat, Marais and others.

Paul Agnew
photo credit Sandrine Expilly

‘Pour la Chapelle' is another concert from the recent 2010 Utrecht Early Music Festival with Les Arts Florissants directed by Paul Agnew. Under his guidance, male voices and continuo will sing the most beautiful music for Lent by Marc-Antoine Charpentier and Henry Du Mont. Paul Agnew, known for his stunning performances of French repertoire, has recently taken on a new role leading this famed ensemble that was at the start of the rediscovery of France's musical heritage.


為配合9月份的「無限領域:荷蘭」,逢星期二晚上8時的「第四台音樂會」將送上荷蘭烏得勒支早期音樂節的精彩演出。布魯根將領導十八世紀樂團演奏孟德爾遜的作品;波斯加拉夫以牧童笛、科爾第以古鍵琴為我們帶來多首韓德爾的牧童笛奏鳴曲;賽佩指揮隨想古樂團 - 二十四提琴演出盧利、穆法特和馬雷士的音樂,還有亞紐爾帶領繁花古樂團演奏夏邦泰和杜蒙特的創作。

The ‘Sunday Morning on 4' interviews
(between 9 & 10 am)

Robert Schuddeboom, Consul General


Robert Schuddeboom, Consul General
His postings have included Baghdad, Oslo, Tel Aviv, Moscow, The Hague and Latvia. He became the Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Hong Kong and Macao in August 2008. Join us for his thoughts on the arts in the Netherlands, here in HK, and from the many places he has lived.

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Piet Zeeman of FONDS
Piet Zeeman
The Netherlands Fund for Performing Arts+ brings together all the performing arts disciplines into a single organisation that considers the entire chain, from creating and producing to programming and audience building. It is the Dutch funding organisation that makes awards to professional arts organizations and individuals. Join Piet Zeeman to find out just how it works.

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19/09 Simon Reinink, Managing Director of The Concertgebouw

Simon Reinink, Managing Director of The Concertgebouw
Simon Reinink was appointed General Manager of the Concertgebouw in 2006. He also has several board memberships of foundations and organisations in the field of music and the arts, and is chairman of the Foundation for the preservation of Linschoten Estate.

It was Bernard Haitink who once described the Concertgebouw as the best instrument in the orchestra it houses. This must have been what the great and the good of Amsterdam had in mind in 1881, when they decided that the Dutch capital should have a proper concert hall worthy of the name. Seven years later, in the marshy fields just outside the city limits, there stood a wonder of neoclassical architecture, the Concertgebouw, a building that now, like its most important player, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, enjoys a worldwide reputation.

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Jan Willem Luyken, Festival Director North Sea JazzJan Willem Luyken, Festival Director North Sea Jazz

Jan Willem Luyken, Festival Director North Sea Jazz
The 2010 edition of North Sea Jazz was held July 9-11, and marks the fifth year in Rotterdam for the festival, which started in nearby The Hague in 1976 before moving to this industrial, modern port city in 2006. Jan Willem Luyken, who attended North Sea Jazz as a teenager in the 1980s, became the festival's director the same year North Sea Jazz made the move to Rotterdam. While long-time fans were dismayed at first, Mr. Luyken said, Rotterdam has expanded the festival's possibilities, and given North Sea Jazz an edgier vibe. "The Hague is a chic city with embassies and administrative buildings, and very international," Mr. Luyken, himself a drummer, said. "Rotterdam is more of a very hip city, very young and the creative industries are booming.

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主持人盧迪斯於「週日早晨」節目內 (上午9至10時之間),訪問多位來自荷蘭的嘉賓: