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RTHK Radio 4's 'Music Beyond Borders' series began on the 20th November 2003 with a piano recital by Shirley Ip that was dedicated to things Iberian. She unearthed some little known pieces and freed some of the better known ones from the shackles of standardization. The recital began with two sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti, an Italian composer closely affiliated with the folk music of Spain. Without the influence of the Spanish guitar, the distinctive songs and dances of Flamenco and the court music of Spain, his sonatas would be inconceivable. The rest of the concert featured music from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

At the heart of Spanish music lies the dance. Joaquin Turina drew inspiration from Flamenco tunes and dances and aware of musical trends in France at the time, added an impressionistic feel to his works. His music is picture postcard Spain. Shirley Ip played his rarely performed 'Danzas Gitanas' in their entirety. Next came Granados's 'Valses Sentimentales'. Granados developed a personal romantic style that up until his time was unknown in Spain. His 'Valses Sentimentales' is virtually unknown and hardly found on record – like much of Granados's output which remains to be discovered. A rare treat for listeners. To end the concert Shirley Ip performed extracts from Albeniz's 'Suite Espanola' - Granada, Sevilla and Cataluna - which she interpreted in her own special way.

The programme for the recital was entirely devised by the performer.

For over a decade, Shirley Ip was the pianist of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. She has premiered works by Hong Kong composers and performed numerous pieces by the great innovators of the 20th century, from Stravinsky to Messiaen, but she identifies most with Brahms's First Piano Concerto. She has also performed with the American Symphony Orchestra, I Musici de Montreal, and the Kammarensemble N, during those orchestras' appearances in Hong Kong.

Shirley Ip studied under Nancy Loo at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts from 1984 to 1987. She continued her studies for two years at the Royal Academy of Music in London, thanks to a Jockey Club Music Fund Overseas Scholarship. Shirley Ip was awarded first prize at the Oxford Music Festival and second prize at the Croft Music Competition, both in 1989. She is a teaching member of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.


意大利作曲家D.史加拉蒂(Domenico Scarlatti)在西班牙渡過不少歲月,亦在當地創作過不少奏鳴曲。他的音樂,在佛蘭明高歌謠和西班牙宮廷音樂之外,營造了一種獨特的風格,你也許可以從葉幸沾演奏的E大調奏鳴曲K20之中享受這份趣味。在同埸演出之中,她亦彈奏了多首19至20世紀的西班牙鋼琴曲。舞蹈,可以說是西班牙傳統音樂的心臟。杜連拿(Joaquin Turina)就是從佛蘭明高舞蹈和調子之中吸取靈感的作曲家,他的音樂亦帶有濃厚西班牙南部安達魯西亞民族的風味。與別不同的是,杜連拿亦嘗試將異國新潮的音樂元素注入自己的作品之中,法國作曲家杜卡和德布西就曾給他許多啟發。你又可否在他五首吉卜賽曲舞之中找出這些影子呢?

至於葛拉納多斯(Enrique Granados)就是一位浪漫主義者,具有豐富的想像力和抒情的氣質,更被譽為「西班牙蕭邦」,一曲“傷感圓舞曲”可說是滄海遺珠之作。完結這場音樂會,。葉幸沾就以亞爾班尼斯(Isaac Albeniz)的幾首舞曲為壓軸;他的音樂,不僅把現代作曲技術帶到西班牙樂壇,更真正建立了西班牙民族派風格。

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