The MTR comes in for widespread criticism after it suddenly forbids passengers from carrying large musical instruments on board trains. Members of the music community initiate several demonstrations resulting in the MTR's launch of the 'Large Musical Instruments Registration scheme.' (79.5%)
(Introduction by: Dennis Wu, music critic)
The DBS Orchestra wins first prize in the Washington DC International Music Festival. (64%)
(Introduction by: Felix Shuen, Head of Department (Music))
The Vienna Boys’ Choir announces the setting up of an international school in Hong Kong. The first batch of 300 students will be enrolled in the kindergarten and primary section in 2018. (63.6%)
(Introduction by: Irene Au, Director, Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Foundation)
The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra’s worldwide recruitment for Huqin Co-Principal later develops into a labour dispute where contracts of three string principals are terminated. The Huqin Co-Principal posts are later taken up by Wong Lok-ting, Zhou Yi and Mao Qinghua. (62.4%)
(Introduction by: Dennis Wu, music critic)
Photo Credit: Martin Lee
The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Department of Music celebrates its 50th anniversary. (55.5%)
(Introduction by: Prof. Lee Tong Soon, Department Head of Department of Music, Chinese University of Hong Kong)
The HK Phil's Board of Governors Chairman Y. S. Liu states that the aim of the Orchestra is to become a 'world class orchestra', inciting a petition from the music circle urging that the 'HK Phil needs to support local talents'. (53.9%)
(Introduction by: Oliver Chou, music critic)
Two boys from Hong Kong make history by becoming members of the Vienna Boys’ Choir. (53.5%)
(Introduction by: Gerald Wirth, President and Artistic Director of Vienna Boys’ Choir)
More than 360 artists from the Bolshoi Theatre come to Hong Kong for the first time with its combined opera, ballet, orchestra and chorus performing at the Hong Kong Arts Festival. (50.8%)
(Introduction by: Grace Lang, Programme Director of the Hong Kong Arts Festival)
The International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong) publishes the 'Hong Kong Classical Music Yearbook 2014'. Available in book form and electronically, it documents concerts held in 2014. (49.9%)
(Introduction by:Edison Hung, Project Officer of the International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong))
RTHK Radio 4's 'Top 10 Music Headlines' enters its 30th year. (49.6%)
(Introduction by:Jimmy Shiu, Head of RTHK Radio 4)
Twin sisters Chau Lok-ping and Chau Lok-ting win third prize in the Piano Duo class in the 2015 ARD International Music Competition in Munich. They are the first Hong Kong musicians to win in the duo category in this competition. (47.8%)
(Introduction by: Chau Lok-ping)
The HK Phil tours 7 cities in 5 countries in Europe under the baton of Music Director Jaap van Zweden and gives the European premiere of Fung Lam's 'Quintessence'. (46.3%)
(Introduction by: Y. S. Liu, Chairman of the Hong Kong Philharmonic)
Piano tuner, Master Hui Kwang-yin passes away at the age of 80. (44.6%)
(Introduction by: Oliver Chou, music critic)
Michael Lynch leaves the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority to take early retirement. (43.9%)
(Introduction by: Dennis Wu, music critic)
Subscribers complain that they are informed of changes shortly before HK Phil’s Yuja Wang Triptych 1 concert: Beethoven is dropped for Mozart; ‘A Celebration of the 18th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR’ is added to the concert title. (42.4%)
(Introduction by:Dennis Wu, music critic)
The New Academic Structure Medium-term Review includes a fine-tuning of the Senior Secondary Music Curriculum and Assessment. (41.8%)
(Introduction by: Yeh Cheung-shing, Curriculum Development Officer (Music), Education Bureau)
The HK Phil announces the appointment of Yu Long as its Principal Guest Conductor for 3 years, beginning from the 2015/16 season. (40.9%)
(Introduction by: Y. S. Liu, Chairman of the Hong Kong Philharmonic)
Composer Chen Ning-chi is awarded the CASH Hall of Fame Award 2015. (36.8%)
(Introduction by: Chen Ning-chi)
The Taiwan Philharmonic visits Hong Kong for the first time and performs as part of the Taiwan Culture Festival. (32.2%)
(Introduction by: Lu Chien-ying, Director of the Kwang Hwa Information & Culture Center)
After holding the HK Phil's Board of Governors Chairmanship for six years, Y. S. Liu steps down for a year to be its Vice-Chairman, and then is re-elected as Chairman. (30.6%)
(Introduction by: Y. S. Liu, Chairman of the Hong Kong Philharmonics)
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