Animals Asia Foundation

Animals Asia's "Dr Dog" is an innovative animal-assisted therapy programme that provides people in need with what they need most – a best friend. The programme is also changing the way people feel about dogs. "Dr Dog" with their volunteer owners will visit hospitals, homes for the elderly, disabled centres, orphanages and schools, focusing on improvement on mental, physical and tactile function, social interaction and confidence of disadvantaged people.

No. of beneficiaries: 3,000 disadvantaged people in elderly centres, hospitals and schools through 50 visits.



Bringing their volunteers and trained “Doctor Dogs” to visit the young and old in the community, this unique type of animal therapy has been providing much more than just company and comfort. Radio 3’s Alyson Hau, spoke to Karina O’Carroll, Animal Welfare Education Manager to learn more.



Enrich is a local charity providing financial and empowerment education to migrant domestic workers. The projects will launch inter-agency outreach events, action groups and workshops on personal finance. They specifically target newly arrived migrant domestic workers and Indonesian domestic workers.

No. of beneficiaries: 3,470 migrant domestic workers



Radio 3’s Peter Lewis, spoke to Enrich Senior Programme Manager, Lucinda Pike, Ambassador Marge Valverde, and Executive Director Lenlen Mesina.


Health in Action

Health In Action is a Hong Kong-based humanitarian organisation, with the vision to eliminate health inequality in societies. This project aims to promote social equity for ethnic minorities through empowering them to maintain good health. HIA acts as a facilitator through providing culturally appropriate health services and education; creating evidence through bottom-up social and health research; and advocating to the authorities and the public about ethnic minorities health equity.

No. of beneficiaries: Primary beneficiaries: at least 500 (ethnic minorities) ;Secondary beneficiaries: at least 500 (the public)



Radio 3’s Annalie Chow, spoke to Karen Lau, the Project Coordinator of Health in Action.



PathFinders has improved the lives of more than 4,000 pregnant women, migrant women in distress and their children born in Hong Kong. PathFinders provides humanitarian support, social services, access to healthcare and legal advice. This programme will provide weekly education workshops, quarterly Sunday outreach, monthly community education workshops and an annual awareness event "Migrant Health Matters" for foreign domestic helpers and their employers to promote the prevention of unplanned pregnancy, maternity rights and employee rights.

No. of beneficiaries: 4,000

PathFinders協助本港懷孕的外傭得到正確的資訊,透過全面的社會服務、醫療、教育和法律諮詢,讓她們為自己和孩子計劃一個長遠及可持續的未來。這項目是社區教育計劃,推廣公眾教育,讓大眾和外傭了解有關懷孕、健康、法律和育兒方面的知識 。


Annalie Chow, spoke to their Senior Community Development Manager Carmen Lam, and Deputy CEO Luna Chan, to find out more about what they do.


Project Space

Project Space for Squatter Kids - Home Improvement Project 2016 -2017, aims at providing support to 80 families who are living in subdivided flats, container flats or living environment with safety and hygienic concerns. Through home visits, home improvement service and volunteering work, the project aims to improve the living condition of needy families as well.

No. of beneficiaries: 80 families


受惠人數: 80戶有需要的家庭

Project Space is founded by a group of architecture students, who use their skills to provide local underprivileged families with home improvement services. Although the government claims a slight improvement, around 15 percent of people in Hong Kong still live below the poverty line. And the situation is worse in some districts. Ian Pooler met Yau Ka-lok and Cheung So-han, from Project Space, on the busy streets of Sham Shui Po and discussed the problem.


The Bethune House Migrant Women's Refuge

The Bethune House Migrant Women's Refuge is a shelter providing food and accommodation, emergency relief, counselling, and empowerment activities to Asian women migrants in crisis and foreign domestic workers. It aims to create a safe and supportive environment as they work on their problems, access justice, and survive their hardships. The Bethune House Migrant Women's Refuge provides a safe shelter for foreign domestic helpers in vulnerable situations. Besides shelter provisions, Bethune House also conducts paralegal counselling, rights-based education, skills-training and peer counselling.

No. of beneficiaries: 600



Peter King visited one of this year's beneficiaries, the Bethune House Migrant Womens' Refuge in Kowloon. There he met one of their clients, Almati and first of all, the refuge's Chief Executive, Edwina Antonio. To find out more about their operation, Peter first asked Edwina about their unusual name, Bethune.


The Women's Foundation (in partnership with Goods- CoShare)
婦女基金會 (與良由集貨合作)

A champion project of the OSC UBS Leadership Programme 2016

The Women's Foundation (TWF) is an NGO dedicated to improving the lives of girls and women in Hong Kong with three main goals: Challenging gender stereotypes, Increasing the number of women leaders, and Empowering women in poverty.

Goods Co-Share (GCS) is a non-profit social enterprise which aims at providing affordable necessities to disadvantaged families through direct group or bulk purchase and sharing with a view to achieving poverty alleviation and brings countable social impact to the society.

The project aims at developing a vending machine for daily necessity retailing, in order to provide an innovative and feasible solution for poverty, bringing measurable and duplicable impact to the disadvantaged group and society by reducing the cost of living, income generation, and enhancing financial literacy.

No. of beneficiaries: 3,000 families

OSC UBS 非政府機構領袖訓練課程2016 -得獎計劃

婦女基金會致力透過研究、社區項目、教育及倡議以改善香港婦女及年輕女士的生活。從該會的研究 發現,女性經濟自足問題乃香港的一個迫切議題,因此他們以突破性別陳規,提升女性決策者及領袖的數量,和協助貧窮女性改善自己及家人生活 質素為重點發展項目。



受惠人數:3,000 戶基層家庭

“ Goods Co-share ” is a social enterprise working with the Women's Foundation on a new way to tackle poverty, by supplying daily necessities though vending machines. The organisation's Matthew Lee explains the project to Hugh Chiverton.