Beneficiaries 受惠機構


Your kindness will contribute to three projects that enhance the service provision for street sleepers and drug rehabilitees; and improve the help-seeking process for victims of gender-based violence.


Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women

The Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women aims to promote gender equality. The first rape crisis centre, RainLily, was set up to support women victims of sexual violence. The new project, Legal Clinic for Victim of Gender Based Violence, moves forward to empower victims to fight for legal justice.

No. of Beneficiaries: 21,348



Radio 3’s Annalie Chow, spoke to Eva Leung, Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women’s project officer about their legal clinic for Victim of Gender Based Violence.

Operation Dawn Ltd

Operation Dawn aims to provide drug addicts with a comprehensive rehabilitation program to eradicate their drug dependency and help heal their body, soul and mind. Raised funds will be used for the installation of a solar water heating system. This will improve the personal hygiene of the drug rehabilitees, and reduce the likelihood of getting sick during cold winter months. The general health on the island will improve, and the financial burden and environmental pollution of using the current wood burning stoves will be reduced.

No. of beneficiaries: 1920 drug rehabilitees



One of the 14 good causes that we’re supporting this year is Operation Dawn, which runs an addiction recovery centre on the remote Town Island, which is also now known as Dawn Island, off Sai Kung. For electricity, it’s largely reliant on solar power, and it needs more panels installed for heating water. Radio 3’s Jim Gould went out there to have a look and talked to Lillian Yeh, of Operation Dawn, and staff members Vijay, and Ah Sing
Remar Association (Hong Kong) Limited

Remar Association is a Christian charity working for the rehabilitation and reinsertion of drug addicts and alcoholics into society. The project aims to reach drug addict street sleepers in Hong Kong – to feed and encourage them to come to the association’s centre where a free rehabilitation program is offered.

No. of beneficiaries: 60 drug addicts and alcoholics



Radio 3’s Billy Clarke, spoke to John Silva, the office manager for the Remar Association in Hong Kong about the rehabilitation services they provide to drug addicts, alcoholics, the homeless and the needy in general.