Victor Tam (Conductor) | 譚子輝(指揮)
Interviewed by Raymond Chung | Written by Joanne Tam
訪問主持:鍾子豪 | 文本整理:李夢

Conductor Victor Tam and his HK Chamber Wind Philharmonia will be performing at our Christmas Concert in the Park this year, and Raymond Chung spoke to him to find out more: Victor believes that ‘Wind bands make a suitable outdoor performance entity - the woodwind sound penetrates, and the brass and percussion are powerful.’ He also loves the Piazza at Kowloon Park because ‘the adjacent buildings create a reverberation that is just right’. Tam added that being situated in a shopping and tourist area, the concert will bring an element of surprise and great festive atmosphere.

On top of band players, there is an addition of singers to this year’s concert, with the participation of The Learners Chorus and bass-baritone Apollo Wong. Young marimba player Elise Liu will also join in as soloist to perform a Marimba Concerto. So, did Victor have to transcribe a lot of the music? Apparently not. Victor feels that in fact singers work really well with wind bands, as their breathing would be in sync, and as long as we produce a beautiful phrase and tune, the beauty of music shines through . As for playing with a percussion soloist, the conductor says there is a lot of repertoire nowadays for such a combination and he’s very happy with it.

Our interviewer Raymond wondered if the band will be performing like a marching band, but the answer is no. Players will be seated on stage. However, there will be some surprise arrangement. One of these, Victor revealed, is that some players will be interspersed among the audience to create a surround-sound effect. The audience may also see more clarinets that other instruments so as to balance the sound of the group in an outdoor performance.

When asked if there is a special theme this year, the reply is ‘dance music’. Some of the pieces that you may recognize will be music from Tchaikovsky’s ballet ‘The Nutcracker’. These will definitely add to the Christmas festive atmosphere of the concert!

Finally, Raymond asked Victor how he feels about the upcoming concert, and what tips he has for the audience. ‘Very happy,’ he says, ‘because people are more relaxed in the park, and the concert will attract whole families, especially those with younger kids. Life for Hongkongers is too rushed – I hope they can take more time to relax. Come early to enjoy the concert, and share good music with us.’






Harry Wong (Master of Ceremony) | 王者匡 (司儀)
Interviewed by Raymond Chung | Written by Joanne Tam
訪問主持:鍾子豪 | 文本整理:李夢

Raymond Chung has recently interviewed the iconic Harry ‘gor ‘gor’, whose association with RTHK began as a kid appearing in ETV programmes. When he first hosted ‘Music Seedling’, a children’s music programme on RTHK TV, he became known as ‘big brother’. At that time, he has just returned to Hong Kong after having completed his degree in Music Education in the UK, and already had vast experience playing the clarinet, oboe, and flute in operas and other productions whilst studying.

Apart from performing, Harry’ has also made valuable contributions to music education in Hong Kong. Inspired by Mr Leung Yat Chiu, Harry wrote music teaching material for primary schools, and published a book on ‘how to play the recorder’. When working for a commercial broadcast station, Harry couldn’t resist asking for permission to initiate a classical music programme at the station, for no extra pay.

One of Harry’s other signature trademarks is ‘magic’. He began to add magic to music programmes to create more interest and variety.

Apart from his musical achievements, Raymond was intrigued how Harry ‘gor gor’ has managed to keep his youthful look through the years. ‘Nothing special,’ was the answer. ‘Music helps. Be optimistic, keep a happy home, good eating habits, exercise, and interact with the young.’

So, it is perfect that Harry will appear at our Christmas Concert in the Park, which aims to bring families to Kowloon Park Piazza on 24 December to enjoy an afternoon of classical music. It essentially is a Christmas party with people of all ages. He is excited to work with conductor Victor Tam and his HK Chamber Wind Philharmonia, and is delighted that the concert venue - Kowloon Park - provides a family-friendly atmosphere, as he believes that music should not be reserved for a privileged few.

When asked what audiences should expect of the concert, Harry advised newcomers to Radio 4’s outdoor concert to go early to get a good seat and enjoy a magical experience. He also added as a joke that they should dress nicely, as the show will be broadcast live and they may end up appear on TV!

Harry is hoping to make this an extra special concert, and one of the plans is to let everyone get a chance to conduct – how he’s going to do that, we will have to wait and see. Perhaps through his magic!




到時候,我或許會施展些魔法,讓現場觀眾當一次指揮,一展身手! 拜託大家穿得漂亮些,因為你們有很大可能會出鏡!