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RTHK 5/PT/8/2017Supply and Installation of a Temporary Medium Wave (MW) Antenna System at Peng Chau Transmitting Station of Radio Television Hong Kong2017-11-14

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Application for inclusion in RTHK Suppliers Lists

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) maintains lists of supplier for issuing invitation to quotation for the supply of goods and provision of services . Any firms not currently included but to be considered for inclusion in these lists may download and return the Application Form together with a copy of Business Registration Certificate to the below address for screening.

Supplies Office, 21/F, One Mongkok Road Commercial Centre, One Mongkok Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

(Attn: Supplies Officer)

Application for inclusion in RTHK Supplier Lists is free of charge. Interested parties can contact the following officers for enquiries relating to application for inclusion in RTHK Supplier Lists and general procurement matters:-

Assistant Supplies Officer (1) Tel: 3547 1736 Fax: 3547 1751

Assistant Supplies Officer (2) Tel: 3547 1735 Fax: 3547 1751

Those firms that are found accepted will be included in RTHK Supplier Lists. The continued inclusions in the lists will depend on their demonstrated ability to offer competitive tenders or quotations and on their performance in connection with any orders or contracts being awarded. RTHK reserves the right to review RTHK Supplier Lists.

For those firms included in the Supplier Lists, they should:

(a) continuously update their company particulars including valid business registration certificate (for suppliers in Hong Kong) or company profile/annual report (for suppliers at overseas), product lines, change of company name or company structure, etc;

(b) respond to RTHK invitations; and

(c) comply fully with the contract/order requirements after award of contract/order.

The information provided in the supplier registration may be disclosed to other government departments and non-government organizations.