RTHK TV Live Webcast

With this app, user can watch RTHK TV 31 and 32 programmes live webcast on the internet. Channel 31 live webcast a vast array of current affairs, educational, arts and informative programmes as well as dramas. Brand-new programmes tallied for digital television are also covered on Channel 31. Channel 32 will live webcast LegCo meetings and important press conferences.


Popular and featured programmes

Provide popular and featured RTHK TV 31 programmes to user.

Webcast Guide

User slides the date left or right and see 4 weeks webcast schedule.


User clicks the button at top left corner or slide from left to right of the screen to open the menu.

Video-on-demand (VoD)

Simply click on the play button and enjoy video in RTHK SCREEN with 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connections.

Download Programme

RTHK SCREEN provides a download function. User clicks "Download" at "Episode" to pre-load our programmes to "My Store" column for subsequent watching.

Programme Subscription

RTHK SCREEN offers a subscription function. Simply click on the function, you can have all your favourite programmes subscribed and stored in the “Subscription” column. The column will prompt you when there is a programme video update. You may also make a playlist of your favourite programmes for easy watching.


RTHK SCREEN offers a sharing function for sharing your favourite RTHK TV programmes with your friends via the social media. User clicks button at top right corner and selects sharing tool to share programme.

Book to watch

Tap the alarm clock at "Webcast Guide" and a reminder will remind you a minute before the programme starts.

My Circle

Tap the "My Circle" icon at your favourite episode and it will share to Facebook and appear in "My Circle" section.


User can search TV programmes at RTHK SCREEN by "Search" function