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Amy Kwong with members of the Ars Nova Guitar Quartet, Italian Consul Marco Maria Cerbo (far right) Stacey Rodda with Barrister Thomas Lai and Italian Consul Marco Maria Cerbo

The reception“The second concert in the 2005 series of ‘Music Beyond Borders' was on October 13 and featured the Ars Nova Guitar Quartet from Rome. The night started with a taste of Italy at the pre-concert reception with background music of heart-throb Patrizio Buanne and tracks from his debut CD ‘The Italian' creating the perfect atmosphere. The event was co-presented by RTHK Radio 4 and the Italian Consulate in Hong Kong.

Presenters David Yeung and Stacey RoddaAccommodating one of the largest turnouts for a ‘Music Beyond Borders' event, the Ars Nova Guitar Quartet played to a packed Studio One audience. The members of the quartet - four very talented musicians, all graduates of the Santa Cecilia Conservatory - were: Fabio de Portu, Antonio di Spirito, Gabriele Migliucci and Stefano Mingo. They presented the show themselves and kept everyone entertained between numbers with their obvious affability. Highlights included the Joe Zawinul (Weather Report) 70's jazz classic ‘Birdland' and Leo Brouwer's arrangement of ‘Cubano con Pioggia' from 1939 – their delicate strumming creating an image of Cuba's landscape in the rain. Modern met with classical with the rest of the music devoted to the Italian composers Boccherini, Vivaldi, Rossini and Morricone.

It was an evening of superb strumming. ”

Gabriele Migliucci
Stefano Mingo and Fabio de Portu
Antonio Di Spirito

Ars Nova Guitar Quartet Ars Nova Guitar Quartet

The end10月13日第四台舉辦2005年「無限領域」的第二場音樂會。這晚是充滿意大利氣息的一晚,除了具意大利特色的酒會外,還有來自羅馬的新藝術結他四重奏的演奏。四位極具天賦的音樂家,全部都自聖西西利亞音樂學院畢業。他們四人組成結他四重奏,演奏意大利作曲大師鮑凱里尼、韋華第、羅西尼和好些現代的作品。他們的音色清脆而細膩,是傳統與現代的結晶。



Of Interest 有興趣的話

Monday Concert


03.10.05 Carlo Maria Giulini listen 收聽

10.10.05 Pavarotti listen 收聽

17.10.05 Morricone listen 收聽

24.10.05 Italian opera arias listen 收聽

31.10.05 Italian opera arias listen 收聽


Talent from Italy


The Roberto Magris Jazz Quartet listen 收聽

Piano Recital by Monaldo Braconi listen 收聽

I Solisti Veneti in concert listen 收聽


Sunday Morning on 4

Italian Consul General: Gabriella Menegello

An hour with the Italian Consul General: Gabriella Meneghello

Broadcast on 30.10.05, 9:00 am listen 收聽


The event was co-presented by:

Radio 4

Italian Consulate General